About Iskaboo

Iskaboo Publishing is an independent publisher specialising in producing in-depth, detailed reports on a variety of topical issues, clarifying the facts, opinions and controversies surrounding such complex subjects.  


Barbara Hadley, Director

Barbara Hadley has been a publisher and journalist since 1980 specialising in the international financial sector. She was co-owner and founder of the Reactions Publishing Group, now part of Euromoney Plc, and following that a co-director of B D Communications, a financial publishing and events company. She has written a number of specialist books and reports including a series for the Financial Times covering insurance developments in Russia and the CIS and in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2012 she started up Iskaboo Publishing Ltd based in London in the UK, which focuses on producing in-depth reports on a range of topical issues.

Contact:  barbara.hadley@iskaboo.com

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Tom Rennell, Director

Tom Rennell is a writer and researcher whose work has covered across a wide range of topics including the financial, political and charity sectors. He worked as part of a small team to successfully deliver the Catlin Arctic Survey 2011 project, a scientific expedition to the North Pole involving an enormous range of people from scientists to explorers, including producing regular updates on key industry and scientific developments. He has also been a regular feature writer for a number of magazines including Run Off & Restructuring. His political-related work includes building relationships with members of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords as well as NGOs, universities and local government networks.

Contact:  tom@iskaboo.com

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