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New and updated for 2016!!

The Iskaboo Guide to: Part VII Transfers

The new and updated guide to Part VII transfers including:

>> New regulations and processes following the establishment of PRA and FCA

  >> Impact of Europe’s Solvency II regulations

  >> Breakdown and analysis of all transfers since 2004 to January 2016

  >> Analysis of policy holder objections being considered in EEA courts

Plus, everything you need to know to guide you and your company through the entire Part VII process from start to finish. More…


Other titles also available:

Fracking: Risks & Rewards

by Barbara Hadley, Tom Rennell and Derek Austin

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Fracking: Risks & Rewards is a new report that takes a detailed look at the issues and hype surrounding the fracking industry. What does hydraulic fracturing really involve and what are the risks arising from shale gas exploitation? Are the proposed economic benefits realistic? What regulations apply to fracking activities and are they sufficiently stringent? Who is responsible and who will pay in the event of an accident? More…


Asbestos: the future risk

Asbestos: The Future Risk

by Barbara Hadley and Tom Rennell

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Asbestos: the Future Risk is a special report that pulls together the historical background as to how this mineral came to be so widely used; the medical view of asbestos related diseases and their treatment; the current patterns of consumption that indicate where future claims may come from; and current practice for dealing with asbestos in the built environment, exposure to which has spread asbestos-related diseases to people outside those occupations that worked directly with asbestos. More…